Mother Mary Sex and Death: a provocative screen harvest

Mother Mary Sex and Death brings many sensual qualities to the screen.

In its 20-year history, Melbourne theatre company Chapel of Change and its artistic director, Rainsford, have focused on the “necessary journeys” of existence: sex, death and the rituals of being and meaning.

Often deeply shocking and contentious, the company’s work is both primitive and sophisticated. It matches the urgency of our most basic drives with an ennobling formal beauty and a profound grace. Mother Mary Sex & Death brings all these sensual qualities to the screen.

It is undoubtedly confronting, but in the sense that one must deal with one’s own doubts and fears, desire and anguish, insecurity and pain before one can reap the benefits of experience. Instead of closure, or a message about survival and endurance, the film offers joyful harvest. It is a miraculous, unmissable film.

Mother Mary Sex & Death has its first theatrical screenings (all with Q&As) in Australia this week. In Melbourne at the Lido (Hawthorn) Thursday, the Classic (Elsternwick) Friday and Cameo Cinemas (Belgrave) on Saturday; other cities to follow.

Source - The Ausralian

Mother Mary Sex & Death picked up for screenings by Eddie Tamir at his three Cinemas In Melbourne. the Lido, Classic and Cameo.

The film never to be released on DVD, or for online digital access.
Rainsford, the director of Mother Mary Sex & Death, has decided to make the film only available for public screenings in cinema's or galleries where Q&A's are also possible. In other words maintaining a live and intimate relationship to the films audience.




After a hiatus of nearly five years Chapel of Change has now begun rehearsals for a new theatre production titled The Immaculate Endlings.

This work will source from a written text (play) completed early in 2012 by Rainsford, and the process toward its realisation will go through several development stages before committing to performance dates.



Endlings Immaculate (‘Endlings’ meaning the last of their species) is the latest theatre work to come out of our stable. Chapel of Change.

WE originally produced our works from our studio in Fitzroy, but we are now based at The Patch, in the hills outside Melbourne, and have chosen to present four 'work in progress' performances of Endlings Immaculate at the local Gemco Theatre in Emerald. (Performed FEB 2015)

Endlings Immaculate is set in the hull of a large fishing boat, the boat is going nowhere, in fact it has never left it’s mooring. Inside a mother has given birth to what she believes are four immaculate conceptions, all now adult sons, she waits in anticipation of a fifth miraculous birth.

She considers herself a perpetual virgin, and whilst she subsumes all the aspects of motherly love for her four divine sons, each of them competes for her incestuous attention.

Each of her sons has a fragmented memory of their past, and as the darker ocean begins to leak into the vessel, the sons are determined to escape what has become a psychologically fragmented and closeted existence with their eremite Mother.

Above them on the top deck, a lowly donkey carries the material burdens of the poor; and holds all knowledge of the true story inside the Endlings absurd fishing boat.

With only four performance's and limited seating at the Gemco Theatre in Emerald this is a rare opportunity to see Chapel of Change in performance prior to ENDLINGS world premier. A live performance not to be missed.

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