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75 minutes
Performed by: Mary Salem, Maia, and Tim Victory

        Directed By: Rainsford


  • WINNER - TWO Australian Green Room Awards including
  • Most Innovative New Form Theatre.

Experimenting with spatial consciousness and illusion, the audience peers down into a mysterious tearoom, witnessing the fantasies of the proprietor and his female clients.  In this tearoom, erotica is a vehicle for metaphysical speculation, a constantly engaging psychological mindscape of sometimes disturbing proportions.

Tearoom is a haunting, beautifully inspired episodic movement piece, which seduces us as voyeurs to overlook the erotic fantasies of the dwarf Tearoom proprietor, and his two female clients.  The music is terrific, using both recorded and live sound by Ragumufin Posse.   With an incredible seamless mix of images, and a quite sensational performance by Mary Salem, as well as Maia and Tim Victory, Chapel of Change really is one of our most extraordinary companies
~ Geoffrey Milne ABC Radio


...disturbing and strangely beautiful, it is the sheer daring of this work that impresses the most...truly unnerving..incredibly moving, it has an emotional depth which so many other brazenly confrontational works lack.  Highly recommended' ~ Ramon Lobato, BEAT magazine


Chapel of Change produce works that are unforgettable...' ~ ABC Sunday Arts

Directors Note

The design of Tearoom is possibly the most ‘risk taking’ I have attempted with a set design. The audience is placed directly above the four walls of a small room looking down into it. We did not have enough height in our studio to completely construct the set, so it was not until it came together in the huge space at the Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne that we saw the design realised, with the considerable amount of technology all coming into place – in such a small space.  And everything worked.

The maximum audience we could fit above the room was forty, on specifically designed scaffolding that integrated the set design with the placement of hydraulics and even a scizzor-lift.

The point of view of the audience gave opportunities to experiment with distance and dimensional illusion, the room changing shape and deepening at times.

I love making work for small audiences, (if only it were always viable). There is a beautiful intimacy that can be shared with a small audience. I have never found it any more satisfying when the company has performed to large scale audiences; neither more empathetic nor engaging.