Mother Mary Sex and Death: a provocative screen harvest

Mother Mary Sex and Death brings many sensual qualities to the screen.

In its 20-year history, Melbourne theatre company Chapel of Change and its artistic director, Rainsford, have focused on the “necessary journeys” of existence: sex, death and the rituals of being and meaning.

Often deeply shocking and contentious, the company’s work is both primitive and sophisticated. It matches the urgency of our most basic drives with an ennobling formal beauty and a profound grace. Mother Mary Sex & Death brings all these sensual qualities to the screen.

It is undoubtedly confronting, but in the sense that one must deal with one’s own doubts and fears, desire and anguish, insecurity and pain before one can reap the benefits of experience. Instead of closure, or a message about survival and endurance, the film offers joyful harvest. It is a miraculous, unmissable film.

Mother Mary Sex & Death has its first theatrical screenings (all with Q&As) in Australia this week. In Melbourne at the Lido (Hawthorn) Thursday, the Classic (Elsternwick) Friday and Cameo Cinemas (Belgrave) on Saturday; other cities to follow.

Source - The Ausralian